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Prescribing drugs

To Prescribe drugs, follow the following steps;
From the left panel click, OP Doctor for Outpatient and IP Doctor for Inpatient. From the window that appears follow these steps

1. Click enter
2. Enter the patient number and press the enter key
3. Confirm patient details as shown

Prescribing Drugs
Click the Pharmacy Tab
>From the list of drugs dislayed, search drug by typing its name and press enter key
>Click on the drug to prescribe, choose the Quantity, Dosage and Duration and click the give>> button
>A notification shall display confirming the same, and issued drugs display on the right panel of the window.

Reverse Wrong Prescription
If wrong prescription is issued, Choose the drug from the list displayed, and click <<Return button. If needed enter the reason for reverse and Wait for approval to be done.

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